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Get an instant SOC using Managed Detection and Response services from Sophos.

Including a USD 1 Mn Dollar Cyber Breach Warranty!

Why Sophos MDR is important?

Get cybersecurity delivered as a service with 24/7 ransomware and breach prevention services.

Sophos MDR experts detect & neutralize threats faster than anyone else.


Free up IT and security staff to focus on business enablement, and leverage superior security outcomes delivered as a service.

You get an instant SOC!

Sophos MDR Instant SOC Process

  1. Sophos team of global cybersecurity experts monitors your environment 24/7.

  2. If a threat is detected they immediately take action and notify you.

  3. Their experts can eliminate the threat, identify the root cause, and provide guidance on stopping similar threats in the future.

Salient Features of Sophos MDR

24/7 Threat Detection
and Response

Customize the Level of Service
to Your Specific Needs

Weekly and Monthly Cyber Health Reports

Threat Hunting

Full-Scale Incident
Response Capabilities

Sophos Offers a $1M Breach Warranty

Connect for a Sophos MDR Presentation

Receive a no-obligation quote to see how much you can save with Sophos MDR versus building your own Security Operations Center (SOC).

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