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SHYCOCAN is a device that is helping CxOs to get business efficiency back to pre-Covid levels!

The highest risk of Covid-19 transmission is in indoor environments! Introducing Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon (SHYCOCAN), a device that makes enclosed space in Offices, Restaurants, Factories, Hospitals, Hotels, Gyms, Malls, Auditoriums, Classrooms etc. safe and prevents SProtein Virus transmission by 99.9% without any adverse impact to humans in any way.

It was tested and found to be effective on SProtein based viruses (Corona and Influenza family). A single device when mounted has an effective coverage area of 1000 Sq Ft. In the presence of Shycocan, anyone touching a previously infected surface will not contract the virus as it would have been attenuated. The device has no side effects and does not generate ozone like air ionizers. This device is invented, designed and now being manufactured in India. It is EU and FDA approved.

The Scalene Hypercharge Corona Cannon (Shycocan) is the ideal wall-mounted device for every office to attenuate the Covid-19 Virus as well as the SARS Influenza and any other Corona Viruses. Here are some highlights of SHYCOCAN:

  • Invented by an Indian

  • Made in India

  • Certified for use by US FDA and EU

  • More effective than UV and Ioniser solutions

  • Works on Photon concept to neutralize any positive-seeking Virus like Corona Viruses and Bird-flu

Every organization needs this. And a lot of them have already started deploying this instead of waiting for the vaccine. Studies suggest that vaccination will take more than a year to impact most of the workforce who are your colleagues. Also, this device can guarantee against any new strain or new virus that is positively charged.

Synoptiq Infosolutions works closely with SHYCOCARE Technologies, the company that has brought SHYCOCAN into being. Click here for FAQs and a Detailed Presentation. If you have any questions, please write back to us at for more information or clarifications.

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