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Securathon and HumanFirewall - Services that can boost your Cyber Immunity

The recent spate of attacks and breaches on Pharma and Finance companies has made every CxO relook at their Cyber Posture. It is time to remove dependency on VAPT and existing Security Measures. It is time to actually get your systems actually hacked. So that you will know what is vulnerable!

It is the time for services like Securathon and HumanFirewall that will not only help you think like an attacker, but also attack your systems and people and get you a dashboard view of vulnerabilities.

Securathon: A set of 32 hall-of-fame ethical-attackers will try and hack into your systems in a black-box manner. The beauty of this (and why this is a much higher-level of mitigation than VAPT and continuous assessments) is that you get a hacker's view of vulnerabilities. And a plug-report and patch-tracker that will keep updating you. Plus, the assurance of this service is that if the team does not find any vulnerability that is Business-Critical, then you don't pay them. But do remember, this team has a 100% hit-ratio.

Click here to download more details.

HumanFirewall: Humans are the weakest link is Cyber Security. It is because of the culture of reporting or the lack of it. If organizations were to alter the psychology of thinking and reporting amongst its employees, even a single employee can become a firewall and save the organization. But this is a continuous process. Also, phishing and social engineering emails tend to come in through your gateway security. Which means that they are sitting inside the mailboxes already. How can organizations tackle this problem as well? The solution is HumanFirewall.

Click here to download more details.

Ultimately, if your goal is to make do with your current security posture, there will come a time when you will be breached. It is high-time that you spent a little for a large amount of assurance that your security posture is good, bad or in between. Here are a set of questions that are important and one needs to ask themselves and their teams immediately.

  • Do you want to know what information of your organization lies in the open?

  • Do you want a set of 32 hackers to tell you where the vulnerabilities are?

  • Do you want a continuous patching report on identified bugs, suggested patches and what is the status of the gaps?

  • Do you want to start thinking like a hacker?

  • Do you want spoofing of your domain and phishing against your users to stop?

If the answer to one or all the above questions is a yes, then you should take a look at these 4 services that will help you boost your Cyber Security Immunity.

Synoptiq Infosolutions works closely with BFsi, Pharma and Manufacturing customers to help solidify their Cyber Security posture. We understand Security guidelines for IT teams laid down by regulatory bodies like RBI, SEBI, BSE, NSE & IRDAI and Global compliances like HIPAA & GDPR. You can download our profile here.

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