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  • Rajeev Mamidanna

Layered EMAIL Protection Approach is today's New Normal

Customers have key concerns around the following in EMAIL Security today:

  1. Content Validation and IP Validation

  2. Identifying Phishing

  3. Stopping Domains from getting spoofed

  4. Training for users on Phishing

  5. Size of mailboxes that SaaS based email providers are providing today and on-premise copies of emails

Here is a break-up into solution buckets (it is our recommended approach to go with best-of-breed solutions).

Protecting your emails for secure delivery

Secure email gateway on a SaaS offering so that you do not have to put in any appliance physically. All emails will be pointed to this security gateway and without any delay or lag, you can be rest assured. But is this enough? No. Ideally the next 3 steps are as critical and are generally not considered very seriously.

Post-delivery email security

This is for mails that come through your gateway and are already delivered. We are talking about deploying AI based content validation for protecting your already delivered mails. This includes an AI-dashboard to tell you about potentially harmful mails that have been passed on by the gateway to dig out phishing mails.

Protecting users from Phishing & setting up a training platform for them along with dashboard

This is an important period of operations where your employees are most vulnerable to phishing attacks. A sense of understanding and analysis needs to be given to all your employees. Anti-phishing solutions come with built-in campaigns and reporting options. Thousands of templates to choose from and run regular internal campaigns using the same dashboard. Deploying these takes minimum effort and time.

All checks to ensure safe delivery of emails to and from your domains

Strengthen your DMARC with dedicated managed services and reporting and hand-holding to ensure continuous domain rating, deliverability and to ensure spoofing does not occur. A proper configuration & alignment of these components are key to DMARC enforcement success. We can help you identify if your current DMARC provider is up to the mark.

And a proper Email archival solution

Overcoming the restrictions set by cloud email providers by architecting archiving rules is critical. Also, being able to granularly restore emails when required is key to a successful email archival policy.

Layered Email Protection
Download PDF • 380KB


Synoptiq can help you with all of the above solutions. Do visit our use-cases page here.

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