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Get yourself breached by doing a Securathon!

Breaches are the order of the day. Attackers are not sparing any particular industry vertical. More so the BFsI and Pharma verticals. State-sponsored attacks, competitive attacks, Denial of Services attacks and Random attacks are on the upswing.

In such a state of uncertainty, while it is good to be mentally prepared and strong and confident about your security posture, it is also prudent to possibly invest a little at this time and actually get your systems hacked! This not only gives you the knowledge of where your security initiatives stand against targeted attacks; you also get to know the areas that need to be plugged immediately. It is time to count your Bugs before they hatch!


This is NOT Penetration testing; Penetration tests are done by only a handful of people. One does not question their credibility or knowledge, but then a few people can only do so much!

It is the time to look at Securathon. Securathon is an offering of (TM) that is brought to you via a partner like Synoptiq Infosolutions. A team of 32 hall-of-fame hackers will have a go at your systems at once, in a manner that does not affect your business and systems and their performance. They will stop short of penetrating once they find the gaps, inform you about it, seek your permission for penetrating and show you what an effect it will have on your business had it been non-ethical hackers. Screen-shot by screen-shot steps will be presented to you on how the vulnerabilities were found. A detailed layman-report will be presented to the Management for their quick understanding of business impact if the gaps were to continue. A detailed CISO report will be presented that will explain in technical terms the gaps that were found. And a detailed Patch tracker will be maintained for you to take actions post the Securathon to help in continuous tracking.

So you see, this activity is much more rigorous. It covers all your Applications, Infrastructure, Web, Social and Mobile components. In short, this activity will tell you where you stand vis-a-vis your Security Initiatives. Securathon is FREE if the team does not find any Business-critical vulnerabilities.

If there is even an iota of doubt in your mind about your Cyber Security Posture, it is time for Securathon. So that you can rest assured!


Download Securathon details here.

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