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7 layers of Email Security to ensure complete protection!

Combat Day-0 threats, Phishing attacks, Smishing attacks, Vishing attacks and other BEC attacks effectively.

The 7-layers

Gateway security is most effective for KNOWN threats. They struggle with novel or sophisticated threats, like 0-day exploits & phishing attacks, as these lack established patterns.

The best way to have a better Email Security Posture is to have a layered Email Security Approach.

Email Gateway

First line of defense
against threats, filters incoming emails to block malware and phishing attempts.


Ensures email
by aligning sender domains, reducing spoofing risks.


Displays brand logos in emails, ensuring trust and authenticity
for recipients.

Verified Mark Certificates

Cryptographic proof
of email sender identity, guarding against impersonation and fraud.

Phishing Simulations

Simulate real-world phishing attacks (phishing, smishing, vishing) to
enhance awareness and resilience.

Employee Trainings

Helping to empower staff with security best practices to
identify, avoid and report
phishing threats.

Email Archival

Securely store & manage email communication for
compliance, audit and recovery


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