Email Protection

Your Emails are business critical.

They need 5 levels of protection.

Email protection is not just achieved by having the best Secure Email Gateway. You need 5 layers of email protection to ensure your emails are safely received and delivered.

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Download our Signature Layered Email Protection Approach which is being adopted by customers across verticals.

Email Protection

Layer 1: Secure Email Gateway solution with proven Threat Intel

The gateway is the first point of securing emails for any organization. A strong Gateway solution is a MUST.


Layer 2: Post-delivery Email Security for emails that have bypassed the Gateway

A behavior-based solution that understands the potential threats within content of emails that have got delivered because the Gateway was bypassed using masking techniques

Layer 3: Anti-phishing simulations and inculcating a culture of reporting among the employees

It is critical that over a period of time, your employees should learn to identify potentially harmful emails that have been delivered to their inboxes and report them.


Layer 4: Advanced DMARC and Managed Reporting to ensure 0-spoofing

Domain spoofing and email deliverability are the biggest road-blocks to any mature and secure email infrastructure. Especially when you have multiple domains and millions of email campaigns.

Layer 5: A thorough process of backing up and archiving emails for future use

Compliances dictate the need for storing and retrieving emails. Also, Ransomware attacks and human errors also dictate that every organization needs to securely store and retrieve critical emails at any time.