Data Protection

Data Protection of on-premise and hybrid cloud workloads is a must.

Whether your data is with you or on the cloud and whether you want to retain it on-premise or on cloud is something that every organizations needs to take a call. Irrespective of where your data is, AVAILABILITY 24x7 is a must!

Data Protection Backup

Protecting on-premise data including Databases and Files

Backup and Recovery solutions that can take care of basic requirements of data protection.

Radically different approach to data on-premise as well as on-cloud

With more complex workloads including Hybrid Cloud workloads, it needs a very different approach to data protection. We can help you evaluate backup and recovery solutions that will make your life better.

Protecting data residing in the end-points of your employees

Especially in scenarios where the employee is not in inside your organization's fence.

Nutanix-specific Backup Solution

A backup solution that integrates at a firmware level within Nutanix management console and gives you backup and recovery in minutes.