24/7 Security Services

VAPT is Passe!

Here are a few services that can boost your organization's Cyber Immunity.

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Detect Cloud Security Risk

Detect Cloud Security risks in MINUTES on AWS, Azure & GCP

Get agentless cloud security and compliance

Deploy once. Secure Forever. Reduce the false positives to minimum.


DMARC Dashboard

Ensure no one can send email from 'YOU', except 'YOU'!

Get BIMI and DMARC in one shot from a single provider.

Ensure that you stop getting spoofed.

Security Risk Rating

Get your

Get Ransomware Recovery Score rating from HYCU, Fireeye, Carahsoft and SADA.


Free Survey that can be taken online without any information being stored.

Free 1-hour consultation from HYCU for helping you self-assess your infrastructure.

Human Firewall

Human Firewall

Your security depends on the awareness of your employees.

Organization-wide email remediation post-delivery

Train. Profile. Flag. Remediate. Collaborate. Take-down.



Let hacker's hack you.


So that you know the posture of your Security measures when hackers will actually hack you!


And pay only if we find Business-critical vulnerabilities.


Failed Disks

Any OS, any storage device, any database and any location.

Recover tapes that are old and faulty

Recover data from Laptops, Storages, Servers, Ransomware hit drives, encrypted drives etc.