24/7 Security Services

VAPT is Passe!

Here are 5 services that can boost your organization's Cyber Immunity.

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Risk Rating with SAFE

Get Quantified real-time breach likelihood scores.

People, Policy, Technology, Cybersecurity Products and Third-party.

From Detecting breaches, make your posture mature to Predict breaches.


DMARC Dashboard

Ensure no one can send email from 'YOU', except 'YOU'!

Get BIMI and DMARC in one shot from a single provider.

Ensure that you stop getting spoofed.



Let hacker's hack you.


So that you know the posture of your Security measures when hackers will actually hack you!


And pay only if we find Business-critical vulnerabilities.

Human Firewall

Human Firewall

Your security depends on the awareness of your employees.

Organization-wide email remediation post-delivery

Train. Profile. Flag. Remediate. Collaborate. Take-down.

Security Risk Rating

Security Risk Monitor

Get a Security Risk rating of your Cyber Security Posture.


Monitor the cyber risk of your third-party vendors.

Have clear visibility on your public-facing assets and entities.